Thanks to our Butler-Gast YMCA Donors!

Though we collect membership and program fees,  The YMCA of Greater Omaha is a non-profit organization funded mostly by the charitable contributions of our donors. Without your support, we cannot implement the fun programs we offer children of all ages, the variety of activities and leagues we run for adults, the equipment that anyone can use throughout the day, and the myriad other benefits we provide the community. The YMCA wants to help the community, and as a non-profit, we direct all income back into the organization itself.

Whenever we create programs like the Strong Communities Campaign, which provides support to families who can’t otherwise support the services of the Y, we rely on our endowment fund, made up almost entirely of donated funds, to build them. We’re more than a full-service gym. We provide assistance to immigrant families, help members at risk avoid the dangers of the streets or disease, and have programs around the year to help people build better lives.

We at YMCA of Greater Omaha, as well as our members, would like to thank all of our donors and volunteers for supporting efforts like the Strong Communities Campaign through their donations. The generosity of each individual’s gift is at the core of the YMCA as a nonprofit organization.

The Strong Communities Campaign provides firsts and saves lives locally through generous contributions by the following donors:


John and Ruby Davis
Lozier Corporation
Louis Entertainment


Cathy Banks
Robert Blanchard
SAC Federal Credit Union
Barb and Jim Farho
Gene Haynes
Omaha Police Union
Keith Station
The Office Cleaners


Marcey Gibson
Grow With Me Childcare
Brad & Sharon Johnson
Delia R Hill
Gene Haynes